Other planes

And then there is this to consider, imagine being able to transcend yourself through the planes of  vibration. Are there other worlds just in reach beyond the darkness of our atmosphere, or just like a HOLOGRAM will we be able to reach into other worlds. How will it feel like to turn up to someone’s dinner or family event on the other side of the world in a holographic body. These are defiantly the projections of the future where technology will become in tune with our higher vibration of thought patterns and where we will be able to transform the way we exist today.




So if we can visualize we must be able to Materialize.  If everything is made up of particles then we must be able to move them, move through them and move with them.  So what is the possibilities of this? Can we move particles and start to materialise things as well as ourselves through the atmosphere, will we start to live in this reality in the future.


The New Thought Movement

Do you believe in the power of thought? Can we be in charge of our own thought patterns and change the way we think and what we see, could we step into other dimensions, what is time and space and how does that effect us and our reality.
Dare to think about this concept for a minute it could be like taking that little red pill and going down the rabbit hole…………………………




Using hologram as my inspiration i have come to the conclusion that it is possible to step beyond time and space and start to visualise what we want to create. We can start to use this science and connect it with our thoughts and move into the future of technology and human interaction?

What are the possibilities we could create and make a reality? all great advancement in technology and mankind has come from a visualisation.  Start now and begin to step into the future of all kinds of dimensions we have the possibilities to start seeing.

Come with me on a journey as we start to use our own mental capabilities to reach into other worlds.

Starting with this simple symbol, imagine what this symbol really represents, think on it night and day and picture it within the space beneath your forehead your minds eye. Weather your eyes are open or closed try to connect with the symbol within this space  and wait for the next symbol to be posted and repeat the process.

Great things are about to happen BELIEVE………..